How to Shop online

The below will explain how to use the online shop!


  • In order to use the online shop you are required to register first.
  • In order to register please click on the account button on the top right hand corner.
  • After registering a S.A. Greetings representative will have to approve the application before ordering can commence.
  • After the account has been approved your selected details (username/Pass) will now be active(Usually within 24 hours).
  • Only registered/logged in users will be able to view the prices on each product. (Login button located on top right hand corner).

After Login

  • On the left hand side is where you can select your different categories
    Please note on Creative Stationary and Entertainers there are subcategories.
  • Select desired category
  • Products will now appear which can be added to the cart by clicking the add to cart button.
    Some products have multiple languages, to choose which language you would like please click on the view button, another product page will appear with a dropdown where you can select the language, please also select the quantity, if no language was selected we will ship the English product by default.
  • To display more than 6 products on a page please click on the dropdown menu that has a 6 in it and select the desired quantity(may slow down browsing experience).
  • After adding a product it will appear in the top right hand corner (Shopping Cart).
    Products can be deleted from the shopping cart by clicking on the trashcan icon.
  • After adding all desired products to the shopping cart, proceed by clicking on the Check out Button
  • In the Check out screen you can modify any quantities or remove undesired products from the shopping cart summary as well as see totals of your order.
  • If you would like to continue shopping please click on the continue shopping button located below the products listed.
  • In order to complete the order you are obligated to read the terms of service and tick I agree…
  • After ticking the I agree please proceed to the payment on the bottom of the page.
    An order summation will appear, to proceed please click on I confirm my order.
  • An order confirmation will appear, you can now create another order or log out and enjoy your day